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well muscled; powerfully built.
Gosh, that Shaq is yoked!
charlie가 작성 2003년 01월 24일 (금)
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Very strong, well built, muscular body
A body builder.
Wow, that guy is fucking yoked!
#strong #jacked #muscular #build #yoked
Matty Georgeous가 작성 2008년 07월 30일 (수)
Originally referring to a strong or large trap muscle between the shoulder and neck. Word originates from the "yoke" that is placed around the neck of oxen. Has now developed into a broad term for hugeness and strength.
"Fuck that guys huge, he has no neck!"
"The guys fucking yoked!"
#jacked #strong #muscular #huge #meathead
ebasshole가 작성 2011년 08월 16일 (화)
to be well built; having a high level of muscle definition; ripped; cut; sinewy; etc.
"Aye bro we about fight this fool, you in or wat?"
"HEEEEELLL NO that nigga hella yoked!"
#ripped #strong #muscles #built #cut
kranksterx가 작성 2009년 10월 07일 (수)
someone who is muscular.
"Dang! That dude is straight yoked."
#yoked #yokes #yoke #yokey #yo
Halee Ann가 작성 2008년 12월 18일 (목)
Excessively over-built musculature.
As in... Christopher Bates.
MRN가 작성 2004년 02월 24일 (화)
DEFINITION: v. Equallyoked means that a person who couples up and bonds with another is of the same of very similar civil identity, i.e., equal in groups such as; ethnicity, race, color, political membership, religion, ages, sexual orientation, and marital status n. Liberalists maintain that it means sharing the same spirit.
Pronunciation: e’ quol-lee yook’d
Etymology: Equally (of sameness); yoked (bonded together as a team).
EXAMPLE: An example of being equallyoked would be; when a couple share the same spirit and also are two divorcees about the same age, both without children, date and marry one another-and as a couple are both; white, republican, christian and heterosexual whose ancestors are from quite close areas of Europe.
#yoker #yooker #yok'r #yoke'r #yok're
ijohn4v8가 작성 2012년 02월 17일 (금)
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