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1) A sweet and classy girl that is very kinky and loves to express herself. She's fucking dope.

2) The most beautiful, thoughtful, and extremely kinky kind of girl that a lucky guy could ever find.

3) The best girlfriend because she is faithful, trustworthy, cute, funny and independent. She loves you and treats you greatly. She is amazing in bed and will have you craving for some more.

4) A hot ass chick with a big boobs and a bigger ass. She isn't too shy, but people are attracted to her like magnets. She is innocent and drama ALWAYS finds a way to be in her face despite that fact that she minds her own business and does nothing. She is amazing in bed and can handle almost anything thrown her way. She is beautiful.

5) The best dome giver EVER! and doesn't make faces because she loves dick.

6) A girl with a juicy ass that is big and perfect. You just cant help but palm it.
Guy 1:Hey, my girlfriend wants to see me naked on the webcam, doing some freaky stuff!

Guy 2: Oh man! You are soo lucky you found an Awesome Yamiley!

Man 1: I'm in love, she's a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets. she's perfect with an amazing booty. I need her now.
Man 2: damn, sounds like you found your self a Yamiley
Man 1: of course! She's the best. I love her
Man 2: fuck you! Im hatin hard. fml
soccer897가 작성 2010년 02월 06일 (토)
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