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1. The Good Part - The woman you marry and live with for the rest of your life.

2. The Bad Part - The woman you marry and live with for the rest of your life.
My wife's an angel!
You're lucky. Mine's still alive.
FrankC가 작성 2004년 03월 16일 (화)
extreme hardcore version of a girlfriend
"Dude, your wife battled an ogre to save your favorite t-shirt? That's extremely hardcore."
GarytheSnailLovestoMeow가 작성 2009년 06월 04일 (목)
The beautiful, inteligent, classy and fulfilling companion of a man that is wise enough to notice such qualities. Usually despised and hated on by the baby momma.
I found the woman that completes me, now I call her my wife.
B-Real가 작성 2004년 02월 02일 (월)
A prostitute with a life-long contract to a single client.
Winnie was Adolph's wife.
Killing Kittens가 작성 2005년 03월 06일 (일)
A woman that a man is married to.
Don't pork her; She's my wife!
|darc|가 작성 2002년 12월 08일 (일)
The person that is there for you whenever you need them, the person that makes you want to be better, the person that you love and cherish forever.

(Hint: getting married to a woman you don't love isn't a good idea, don't do it.)
I wish I had a wife instead of a woman I have to constantly put up with.
zach0301가 작성 2010년 07월 05일 (월)
wash, iron, fuck, ect.
Wanted: woman to be wife
japtastic가 작성 2004년 07월 25일 (일)
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