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a typically obnoxious person who claims to be a better baseball fan than all cubs fans. this person generally would rather see the cubs lose than the sox win. these people, however, have been proven to be too concerned with baseball, to the point that they have made their stadium ugly in order to not distract from the game and seem to enjoy having housing projects around their stadium rather than the great bar scene of wrigleyville. they also seem to be too concerned with baseball to advance in the working world, and often end up working under cubs fans.
white sox fan: "hey son, let's run on the field and attack a 60 year old first base coach"
son of white sox fan: "but dad, i want another beer"
white sox fan: "shut up kid, we're gonna be on TV"

white sox fan: "hey the cubs are losing"
cubs fan: "get back to work or i'll fire you"
anchorman가 작성 2006년 04월 16일 (일)
Pepole to be the victims of non-stop harassment by Cubs fans, yet when one looks at chicago cubs or chicago cub fans, these white sox fans are rather vulgar in their bashing of cubs fans.
Cubs fan #1: Hey, did you ever notice that despite making one play-off appearance since 1999, Cubs fans are more supportive than White Sox fans, whose team won a championship in 2005?
Cubs fan #2: No, I'm usually distracted by a sox fan's legendary body odor.
Carozza가 작성 2007년 08월 19일 (일)
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