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Refers to any record/song whether MP3, vinyl or CDR that is not signed to a record label. Often times white label tunes will be remixes usually samples illegally to show off a track and sell it to a record company but with no information about who made it so that no one can be sued - though everybody knows who made it. The production usually includes his or her contact information on the white label.

"A tune that is not signed to any record label, though you may find later that the tune gets signed to a record label and released. There are usually limited copies of it."

"The name white label comes from the fact that most promo records used to be sent out in an unfinished state, with the label completely white. The term incorporates any record that is not a finished product, including promos, test pressings and dub plates."
Sundawner - Krystal Dreams (No Mommy Remix) White Label
drewmaust가 작성 2005년 02월 13일 (일)
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when you jizz on a bottle of black label
hey did you hear about the time natasha white labelled in front of nick?
vishsickle가 작성 2011년 05월 18일 (수)
A word thats been used within the music industry for a looooong time.
A promo or "promotional" record, A record of dubious origin, A record that has uncleared samples, a record that the artist can't sell legally, or a record that has been bootlegged and released way earlier than it legally should have been. Called such because by definition they have a "whitelabel" often marked only by sharpie.
Fidel가 작성 2004년 06월 03일 (목)
vinyls with blank (=white) labels. a word commonly used in the drum&bass scene. famous dj's or dj's with connections in this genre receive unreleased vinyls that no one else has(sort of), and gets permission to play them in clubs/partys around the world... while other smaller name dj's get stuck playing the same tracks that have been rinsed for 4 months before release.... the word originated from the oldskool dancehalls in jamaica...

dnb massive!
did you hear that nu whitelabel d.kay rinsed out last nite?
spY가 작성 2003년 11월 13일 (목)
Refers to the sticker put on the center of a record, white with no writing on it. These records are used for bootlegs, or 'fan releases', taken from live concert recordings. The tracks on these bootlegs usually have not been formally recorded by the band, are unavailable to listen to and can be really bad quality.
Rocker1: I got a Descendents 7"
Rocker2: Really which one?
Rocker1: Some white label- it sounds really shitty, but its the only way I can listen to these songs.
the_decline가 작성 2008년 05월 08일 (목)
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