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‘What he said’ – perplexing late 20th/early 21st Century social media phenomenon. Often to be found on social media sites whereby an individual asks either a reasonable question, solicits help with an issue or question, or seeks assistance with a pressing issue. The individual will then be provided with informed and insightful comments from a broad base of contributors. Eventually, the requesting individual will receive a response from a poorly informed (but perhaps well intentioned) contributor, echoing the previous comments stating ‘What he said’.

The exact point of stating ‘What he said’ when what was said had already been said has yet to be fully determined (particularly when what was ‘said’ was perhaps neither true or accurate). It is often considered a phrase used by the inarticulate and confused.
Mr A: ‘Why do we not see white dog poo anymore?’

Contributor 1: ‘White dog poo is the calcium left behind as the water evaporates, and the 'organic' components of the poop are consumed (in various ways) leaving the inorganic stuff behind. But nowadays dogs don't eat as much bone as they used to, including bone meal. Also, tighter regulation on dogs crapping on pavements means that turds don't hang around for years in public places like they used to, giving them less opportunity to dry out and turn white.’

Contributor 2: ‘What he said.’
Octopus Scott가 작성 2013년 11월 12일 (화)
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