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1-a small town in South Carolina known for the Saluda River and boasts the World's Largest Catfish Feastival. also commonly referred to as "The Shoals" People from The Shoals defend their town fiercely so don't piss them off. Also, if you are from Ninety-Six, SC it's best to stay out of Ware Shoals altogether

Recently gained national publicity for being the home of the cheerleading scandal that was on every news channel in the country.
"Man, I'm gonna head up to The Shoals and jump in the river and cool off."

"We need to head to the Catfish Feastival in Ware Shoals on Memorial day weekend"
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U Know 29692가 작성 2008년 06월 10일 (화)
A small town in the upstate of South Carolina known for scandal, small town politics, and as a place where insane people congregate. Not much to do there, but no matter where you go, someone will have heard of it... even if it was on a National news station where they first heard of it... Thank you cheerleaders.

People from Ware Shoals are often very friendly, some aren't the brightest crayons in the box, but it takes all kinds to make the box pretty. They spend their time at the river, in their homes, or in another town.. because there's nothing to do there. The young people congregate in the "canteen" area of town or ride around far too fast in cars with their music too loud over the .5 miles that make up the "West End" of town.
Stopped to talk around the 5 way redlight in Ware Shoals, of course: Person 1: "Where you headin'?"
Person 2: "Ahhh, I'm headin' down th' river park for a while.. then I reck'n I'm gonna head up to the West End for some hot dawgs and some sweet tea......Where you headin'?"
Person 1: "Ahh, I just stopped down the river park, twatn't nobody down there. I'm headin' up the Trail Ways now."
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igotout29692가 작성 2010년 11월 30일 (화)
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