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The first use of this term was recorded in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada at Carleton University on April 20th, 2007 by roommates Brian Mattocjk and Joel Sparjk.

== Rumored Story of its Creation ==

Several unconfirmed rumors have been spread discussing the circumstances behind the first usage of this term. The most widespread fallacy recounts that the high five that caused the Vitory Tingle occured after Joel and Brian wrestled three adult polar bears into submission. Witnesses say the high five was so great that its crack had shattered windows and disrupted the electrical equipment in the room. After such a powerful high five a strange tingle was felt in both students hands. With not having any words to describe the pain, the term Victory Tingle was created.

The most probable account of the creation of this word is that Joel and Brian had accidentally connected a high five with above average skill and caused the pain in both hands, and coining the term of victory tingle.

== Etiquette ==

It is considered proper etiquette that once a person experiences a Victory Tingle, he or she should hold their hand in the air to share the tingle with all other spectators.

== Method ==

The vitory tingle is evidence of a well executed high five. Standard practice for achieving the tingle is simply to continue giving a high five until either one or both of the indiciduals engaged in the high five experience the tingle.
HIGH FIVE!!! *SLAP* Ooohhh that hurts, show that Victory Tingle to the world!
Brian Mattocjk가 작성 2007년 10월 24일 (수)
The tingling, sometimes painful, sensation felt in one's hand after a particularly satisfying and loud high five.
"I got that girl's number!"
*high five*
"Ohhhh feel the victory tingle!"
J-Thrust가 작성 2007년 10월 10일 (수)
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