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Whilst approaching orgasm, the male will pull out, then splooge in the ear orifice of the female, simultaneously chanting, "Can you here me now bitch? Can you hear me now?"
Chad Sexton: I gave my girlfriend the verizon wireless last night. Honestly, it was the only service she could afford from me after being such a bitch last thursday!
69AllTheTime가 작성 2007년 10월 18일 (목)
a company where white people get fired for making the same jokes that other types of people make and where girls can be sexually harassed and told to suck it up until their harassers leave their location. Also a place where employees look through your phone and take private pictures and content from your phone and share it with their friends..
verizon wireless:bullshit company to be enslaved too.
mr. smith x가 작성 2008년 03월 03일 (월)
A shit phone company who makes you pay $75 for insurance and then when your phone breaks because Verizon does not manufacture their phones to last, you are chagred another $50 and then get sent a phone in which the keys do not work. You then must pay another $10 to have them transfer your information to your new shit phone but all the games and internet service you paid for do not go through, and have to pay $5 per game and even more on the internet. Photos also do not get transferred over even though you paid more than Verizon's employees get in a year.

This company mostly highers rude fat employees, who make you feel like you are the most retarded person in the world for asking a question.

This company is on the list of top companies to be burned down.
Verizon Wireless needs to go suck a fat one.
bkmjtz가 작성 2010년 01월 15일 (금)
A Cell phone company that claims to be the best but is nothing more than a company of con artists.

Examples are nothing but Truth! please read and make a decision. don't believe me google anything i've said. Fight The Power!
--Verizon Wireless--The Devil's company

They "add" V-cast- they take out everything that makes your phone a phone just to put that in. then they charge you for using it even when you decline the service.

Unlimited Texts- told customers last year that they had unlimited texts: what they failed to tell me was that it was only for VERIZON users. when questioned they said "oh, i thought you knew.sorry but i won't refund you. next time be more careful."

Those of the military with Verizon if they left for the war and they had to terminate service then they got hit with massive Fees that Verizon said would be null. think about those who've died there.
the family ends up wit the bill that they said would be excusable because of military.

Horrific Customer Service they will give you nothing but the run a round.

The Propaganda가 작성 2008년 07월 14일 (월)
A cell phone company who thinks they are so great, when in fact, they actually suck. They lure you into the store with their "hot" new phones like the Chocolate and then a month later your sitting with your new phone realizing you can't do anything cool with it. Then you call Verizon asking for help, and they act like they couldn't care less.

Then maybe you record a cool video and want to transfer it to your computer with Bluetooth. Oh wait, you can't because your shitty phone company you went with doesn't allow it.
You decide you want to return your phone and get the iPhone wannabe Voyager. Then you realize it has the same interface as your chocolate and return it. Now your stuck with a two year contract with a shitty phone company, not to mention all the hidden charges that come along with your already uber-locked down phone.
AT&T Customer: "Hey Mike, want me to send you that cool song I just recorded and saved as my ringtone."

VZ Customer: "Hey sure, Thanks!" (Gets sound 6 hours later after it being sniffed by Verizon for possible traces of ripping them off).

VZ Customer: "Yo robby, I got dat sound, but i can't save it as my ringtone. We both got have the RAZR"

AT&T Customer: "Yes My Friend, but you have Verizon Wireless. You can't have fun." (Starts uploading limewire content to phone)...Verizon customer goes to cry in corner.
ssavoy가 작성 2007년 11월 19일 (월)
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