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the procedure of sneeking up on a sleeping relative or friend who is lying on a couch or some flat surface, and then propping your bare ass right in front of his or her face, next you break some serious wind which scares the shit out of the victim and causes them to jerk their head up violently, the most stimulating element of this process is the next movement which is when the victim's head jerks up and sadistically smacks the bare ass of the performer creating devastating whiplash and then their nose is inserted into the performer's anus, creaing a "venus nosetrap"; this is extremely brutal for the victim because they have the cruel honor of smelling an anus filled with soiled odor; if the performer has a huge ass they can potentially suffocate the victim; if the venus nosetrap is done properly, the victim looks like he is wearing a moon mask, with "moon" deriving from the ass
after holding in a day's worth of farts, i snuck up on my sleeping brother, seth, and gave him the best venus nosetrap yet, making him pass out for 5 minutes, from either my foul fart or blocking up his breathing paths
weasel가 작성 2005년 06월 02일 (목)
Putting your bare ass right in front of a sleeping friend then having another friend smack them and shove there face right into your ass (nose in the hole). Then you rip a huge smelly fart and/or shit while their nose is in your asshole.

If you have a big ass you could fill the victims air passages with noxious ass gass, causing them to pass out.

Extra Thrill: Do this while the victim is under covers to get a dutch oven effect!
That venus nosetrap we pulled last night was awesome! I think he's still passed out with shit up his nose!
BestTricks가 작성 2009년 08월 09일 (일)
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