The best and ONLY university in Arizona in every aspect. Nothing can compete (especially ASU) in terms of education, parties, girls etc...
-Dude where are you going to college?
-I think Arizona State.
-Aw sucks to be you, I'm going to a real school.
-Oh yea? Which one?
-University of Arizona
azkid가 작성 2008년 12월 12일 (금)
Top Definition
The best university in Arizona, located in Tucson. Top rated for programs in Optical Engineering, Physics, Astronomy, Nursing, Geosciences, Anthropology etc. Far better then that loser good for nothing party school called ASU.
I went to the University of Arizona, Brian went to ASU and he is a loser
Arizonian 가 작성 2007년 01월 02일 (화)
The worst school in Arizona located in the shittiest town in the entire world. This so called university is soon to be re-united with Mexico; it is a complete poor shit hole in the middle of the desert. This School has all the B rated girls that couldn’t get laid at ASU due to lack in looks and appearance. Guys at U of A claim they are better than ASU due to false and retarded opinions. Reasons why Tucson sucks dick.......

1.) Tons of Mexicans
2.) People aren’t as good looking as ASU (check any website online) polls, ect
3.) Dorms as well as housing are poor and shitty condition.
4.) 25% of girls are raped or attempted.
5.) There’s nothing to do but smuggle immigrants across the border, drink and try and get D rated Ass.
6.) Its known as U of GAY for a reason.
7.) There is no city like Scottsdale or anything to do in general but smoke week and snort lines of crack.
Friend #1: University of Arizona is so Awesome, i got with this girl last night and i swear she was a 10.Honoest to god she looked like whoopee Goldberg.

Friend #2: Really was this after you smoked week then snorted crack?

Friend #1: yea man ,got it from the Bums who are on every corner.

Friend #2: tight man, i tried finding some crack and weed at ASU last weekend when i went up for a job interview at McDonalds. Sad to say everyone was to high of class and attractive to even talk to me.

Friend #1: Really man, god those rich kids with their city life, nice cars and hot girls think they are so kool.

Friend #2: Yea but at least we have this sweet rural town with D-rated girls, that equals way more pussy. As well as gays so it more diverse.....We are clearly better.
U OF GAY가 작성 2009년 02월 09일 (월)
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