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When referring to a computer, the state of having had Ubuntu Linux installed, and more generally, the state of having been made flashy and cute on the outside yet kludgy and destined to fail in surprising ways on the inside - much like a once-reliable car with a new coat of paint and sawdust in the transmission to stop it leaking oil. Or like Linux turned into Windows.

ubuntu'd is a special case of borked, often synonymous when referring to computers or software systems.

Something ubuntu'd is likely to attract the less-informed and gullible user, leading them towards frustration, failure, and asking annoying incredulous questions of anyone who will listen - mostly likely colleagues who restrained themselves to a polite eyebrow-raise in response to said user's announcing their decision to switch.

These users are known as ubuntards, and in some cases their conditions worsen to the point where they are Ubuntu evangelists or ubuntites.
"After turning it on, I heard a snippet of goofy tribal music followed by a pop-up dialog saying the internet is broken - oh no, my computer is ubuntu'd!"

"That bike you found on Craigslist looks ubuntu'd, I wouldn't buy it."

"I left for a week and came back to find the web server ubuntu'd."
foobar.c가 작성 2009년 10월 19일 (월)
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