when playing a game too seriously in which out burst of rage, offensive language and putting people down may occur in which losing the whole concept of having fun in a video game.

fact: when calling someone a "try hard", you yourself is considered a try hard.
xSniperGuy: wow you try hard, keep spraying me cuz thats all you can do
yuh_Madd Br0: why you mad... bro? its just a game. plus you should have stayed behind cover then popping out your head like a dumb @ss

PR0 xClutch: hey Meat hog, quit trying so hard pulling out your pistol and shit; fucken try hard.
M3At H0Gx215: calm your nuts, i ram out of ammo. what you want me to do, just stand there and let you kill me?
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thatoneguynextdoor가 작성 2011년 03월 09일 (수)
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A person who puts a large amount of effort into achieving a certain image, or counter-image, to the point where it is obviously contrived. Rather than achieving an image through genuine personality, the try-hard consciously attempts to fit a certain style through deliberate imitation, forced style, or scripted behavior. That is to say, he/she is trying hard to create an image.
Examples: An affluent, suburban dweller who makes great efforts to cover himself in tattoos and piercings; try-hard.

A person who wears certain items of clothing for the express intention of appearing "non-conformist", and flaunts it; try-hard.

Someone who purchases a motorcycle only to appear as a "bad-boy"; try-hard.

A person who shuns certain genres or styles of music or art simply because it does not fit his self-image, or the image he wants to portray; try-hard.
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Bendrix가 작성 2007년 10월 18일 (목)
1. A face-saving insult used by someone who is feeling inadequate. Basically accuses anyone who is better than them at anything of putting in effort. Doubles as an excuse for sucking by implying lack of effort on the speaker's part.

2. An insult blatantly misused by 13-year-old kiddies in online gaming who, ironically, try very hard to win themselves and take it too seriously when they lose.

3. Someone who tries too hard to fit in. Easy to spot online because of their constant use of trendy internet slang such as "fail", "cool story bro", and "tryhard".

4. An Urban Dictionary writer that submits overly-long definitions for pointless phrases trying to get recogniton.
1. Guy mopping the bathroom at Subway: "All those people from my high school that got into Princeton and MIT, they're just a bunch of fucking tryhards."

2. Kid that just got utterly humiliated in Starcraft 2: "w/e u fuckin tryhard hacker n00bz lol i pwn u next time k 1v1 me NOW!!!11"

3. That one douchebag that always brags about his 2500 Facebook friends: "o hai guys dat 1 nig hes a fuckin tryhard im all like yea i get blazed all the time and shit and i fuck bitches and got all these friends, then hes like dude i dont fucking care stop sending requests to me i dont know you, and i was all like o rly, cool story bro. yeah i fuckin pwned that fail loser tryhard. lol, shit man, im so cool. srsly, pay attention to me plz! guys? anyone?!"

4. See above.
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Rider of Brohan가 작성 2010년 11월 04일 (목)
someone who attempts to be cool, but fails to achieve this status
look at Jonny with that white leisure suit, what a try hard!
Lex Madtown가 작성 2005년 07월 31일 (일)
A Tryhard is someone who trys too hard to be included in a group of people.
Someone that will copy anything someone else does / something other people in a group do, listen to, act like, or look like, To become accepted in the group.
Alec is such a tryhard, all of the bands he listens to, he gets off us, he can't get his own life.
#tryhard #wannabe #copy #outcast #try #hard
ZanonymousZ가 작성 2006년 11월 07일 (화)
In online video games, it is that guy who is giving it 110% all the time because winning and/or having a high kill/death ratio is more important than just having fun. Try hards are most common in games like Halo or Call of Duty and are frequently seen yelling at their teammates for dying a lot.
Gamer: lol I accidentally killed myself XD


Gamer: Dude, quit being such a try hard.
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zuawg가 작성 2011년 04월 15일 (금)
the term "used" by PLAYERs who suck so badly and can't face the fact that they got owned leading them to insult the other player that killed them
mw2 xboxlive

coolguy1124: "WOW! drop shotting TRY HARD"
iDrop: "im not even trying hard, you just suck...."

quickZSc0pes21: "learn how to quickscope you hard scoping try hard"

ShotzZ: "every sniping kill doesn't have to be a quickscope. plus that was a drag shot, learn the difference."
#mw2 #quickscope #try hard #noobs #xbox
icNOOBS가 작성 2010년 08월 18일 (수)
An individual that tries. Hard.

This is not in reference to those that are scholastically ambitious, or put effort into sports. No, no. This is a strong, biting description of someone that obviously thinks a whole lot about their public image - fashion, vernacular, taste, etc. Such a person tends to fit very neatly into a particular pigeon hole - typically, a subculture. A tryhard is pathetically hyper-aware and irredeemably lame in their awareness and internalizing of all things external and obvious.
Pretty much the only phrase used is uttered snidely, under the breath to one's cohorts: "What a tryhard" or, alternately, "whatta tryhard". In particularly outstanding cases, "oh my God, whatta tryhard."
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alexette가 작성 2009년 12월 10일 (목)
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