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n. a guy with a fetish for white dicks; this specific person loves to bag on white dicks because he must have a really big astounding pleasure for their big dicks due to his small korean dick; posts a definition called korean pride to disprove the philosophical pandaboyx. it was a dissapointment that the "trebully" has been receiving many thumbs down more than the thumbs up he's been getting for this specific definition. All the other definitions that this particular small-dick-korean-wielder has many thumbs down more than thumbs up. this guy also makes definitions that is not understandable because this dumb korean is very uneducated. It is because of the opium war, Japan ceased a right time to dominate chinese people. China was in the midst of many wars, so trebully has contradicted himself, China isn't noob, they just got owned by everyone. a trebully also contradicts himself
pandaboyx:; hahaha look at this idiot posting crap to defend koreans wtf?
Hinsonhui: I LOL'D AHAHAHA stupid koreans
pandaboyx: he has a fetish for white dicks too
Hinsonhui: yeah you should make a definition for this guy, this guy really deserves it. and wtf is a trebully? like 3 bullies? that doesnt even make sense...
pandaboyx: lmfao, im so down, i wanna pick a fight with this bastard, i hope he can contact me by looking pandaboyx through youtube to try to find me so we can arrange a dick fight and ill use my dick to rape his small dick no homo =]
pandaboyx가 작성 2010년 06월 13일 (일)
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