a early form of chav as they dressed the same as chavs they smoked the same as chavs and drunk the same as chavs but unlikechavsthey didnt use bother when starting they just sat thier and didnt cause too much bother
i wish townies hadnt evolved into chavs
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Dick-slap-dave가 작성 2008년 04월 29일 (화)
(American definition, noun) Derogatory slang term that generally refers to someone who lives locally to a town, usually uttered by someone who does not. The implication is that the outside party is superior to the local populace, who are seen as inferior because of the negative stigma attached to the local environment they live in.

Most commonly used in rural college towns, where a large cultural gap exists between the students that attend and the local populace that simply happen to live there.

Townie can also be used as an adjective in the expected ways (A bar that is popular with the locals, for example, could be referred to as a "townie bar").
"I had some townie try to start a fight with me at the bar last night. I'm getting sick of these redneck locals..."
#townies #locals #hicks #rednecks #townys
TxdoHawk가 작성 2007년 06월 17일 (일)
Outside the U.K., a word to describe people from a small town.
These people frequently have quirks in larger numbers or not shared by people from larger towns and cities.
Jimmy: why's that girl acting so strange.
John: She's from a small town. She's a Townie.
Jimmy: Oh.
#saskatchewan #saskatoon #town #towny #drunk #wierd #funny #strange #different
Jane West가 작성 2006년 10월 15일 (일)
To countrymen townies are either chavs or wealthy middleclass folk from big cities and suburbs who relocate to the country in search of more space to pursue their townie life-style. Townies know next to nothing about the country and generally don't attempt to adapt to country ways or acquire a country ethos. They inhabit only large houses - old rectories, farm houses, barn conversions and follies - and have at least one 4WD.
They surround their house with a stout fence, Leylandii hedge and something approaching street lighting as they can't bear the impenetrable darkness or the night sky.
They often tire very quickly of the countryside with its noise, mud, smells, unruly vegetation and poor ameneties and relocate to a country market town, or return to the city whence they came.
The main event of the year for a townie living in the countryside is the mid-summer party for which he erects a huge tent, brings in a band which blares out noisy thumpy music all night long to the consternation of wildlife and humans in a radius of 5 miles or so, and which is punctuated by the midnight fireworks display by which means he hopes to establish a pre-eminent social position/pretensions.
The damned townies are buying up all the good property and we locals aren't getting a look in.
One townie to another 'what did you think of the fireworks tonight?''Great, but you should get my sort of rocket. Costs more but goes higher' (Unspoken: next time earn a city bonus like mine and you'll be able to afford them)
#chav #country town #market town #country #wealthy #incomer #streaky b #nouveau riche #city slicker #middleclass
John Woodland가 작성 2005년 11월 23일 (수)
The old word for chav which, frankly, sounds a lot better and less self-consciously constructed to sound obnoxious by a group of journalists on a slow July nesday.
"Oh great, another pack of townies coming to kick my head in because I don't conform to their world view."
OD Smith가 작성 2005년 03월 18일 (금)
Pathetic, overgrown, monkey-brained wanabees. Tend to hang around Mcdonalds or such-like where they smoke dope (or such like). Only dope they'll come close to is each other.
Went into Mcdonalds last week...

Townie: Oi, they don't allow dogs in there.

Me: Yeah, that's why your out here!

I walked away before they realised what I had said and unleashed their fag-breath.
Dazza가 작성 2005년 02월 13일 (일)
townies also hate grebs, grungers, and basicaly any one who is not a townie.
townies do not understand much even though they think they do.
they also try to act hard infront of friends, especialy ones of the opposite sex (boys try to impress girls and vise verse).
male townie "ye im so ard nd tha', no one is eva gunna botha me"
female townie automaticaly respects them as they are quite gulible
abi가 작성 2005년 01월 26일 (수)
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