A tig is a annoying person that sidles into your room and starts discussing topics that nobody cares about. He may also be a fucking weirdo.
May include waving dangerous tools at your face as if they were stuffed animals.
Oh shit, lock the door, tig is coming.
Rafikiiii가 작성 2006년 10월 02일 (월)
Top Definition
Short for Tig ol' Bitties...
Dude! Check out the tigs on her!
nathan m.가 작성 2004년 01월 03일 (토)
short for Tig O Bitties which means Big Ass Titties
yo spence check out them tigs
nizzle shit가 작성 2003년 11월 13일 (목)
A made-up game invented by some of the cast members of Lord of the Rings.

Discussed during the audio commentary on the FOTR extended edition DVD.

Shatters the credibility of the world for actor Elijah Wood.
ELIJAH: Speaking of game-making, what was the name of the fake game that y'all tried to get me into?

BILLY, DOM, SEAN: Oh, Tig! Tag? Tig! Tig! *laughter*

ELIJAH: Oh my God...

BILLY: Tig was when we were filming Weathertop, and myself and Dom just started tigging each other, you know just touching each other, going "Tig! Tig!" Just for like, no reason. And then, Sean came over, and he started doing it as well. And then we'd say, "Tigtig, tigtag" like, for no reason. And then Elijah came over and said, "What are you guys doing?" We said, "Oh, we're playing a game called Tig." He says, "Well how do you play?" And we spent like the next two hours making up rules...

ELIJAH: And trying to teach me, and of course, I was getting everything wrong...

SEAN: He couldn't follow the game, and the three of us were forever frustrated that he wasn't following these new rules that we continued to make up...

DOM: So we, the three of us, were constantly getting it right, and every time Elijah tried a new way of tigging, we'd say, "No, Elijah, you can't tig on a tog, you can't tag on a tig, you have to do an elephant impression if you're gonna tig Billy... If Billy's gonna tig you back, you have to get on your knees and take your trousers down...

BILLY: How many times, Elijah, you can't double-tig a tag! *laughter*

DOM: And for like three weeks, he was saying how much he enjoyed playing Tig

SEAN: And he wanted to get the rule book!

BILLY: And remember we forgot to say it was a wind-up! So a year later he says, "Why do we never play Tig?" *laughter*

ELIJAH: And then they finally let the cat out of the bag. My whole world came shattering down on me when they told me that that was a lie. For a whole year, I believed it was a real game, and then they told me.

DOM: Sorry, Elijah.

ELIJAH: And then, what else was not true? That's what I was asking.

SEAN: It undermines the integrity of the entire relationship.

DOM: That's what I think.
kurai가 작성 2004년 10월 11일 (월)
Tungsten Inert Gas

a welding process

also known as

i tig welded stainless tubing
Dan가 작성 2005년 03월 23일 (수)
1) A group of five intensely attractive girls. Easily the prettiest, funniest, most popular girls in the room.
2) The group of girls that everyone is jealous of in high school.
3) A friendship that lasts through college, despite the fact that separations may occur.
4) To a TIG girl, your bridesmaids.

1) The TIG is so cool, I wish they would allow a sixth member.

2)We're close, but we're not TIG close.

b-callahan가 작성 2009년 01월 09일 (금)
acronym: The Internet Girlfriend - used as a title and substitute name for girlfriends met and primarily talked to on the internet. primarilly used by parties outside the relationship.
"hey Chris, how are things going with Tig?"
John Flanagan가 작성 2005년 02월 27일 (일)
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