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"The American Challenge" AKA "The Great American Challenge" is a race in which teams of four must drink 36 beers, smoke 2 grams of marijuana, eat two large pizzas and then make a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle, in that order. The team must fully complete one stage of the Challenge in order to start the next stage.

There must be a sober referee to prevent cheating, to keep time, and to issue penalties. There are penalties for throwing up, spilling beer and cheating. The nature of the penalty is left up to the referee, but it is usually some some time penalty. If a player spills beer or throws up they have the option of "Zamboni-ing" (sucking it up off the floor or table) the spilled liquid in order to avoid penalty. The winning team receives some sort of prize, as well as the honor of winning the race.

Traditionally, The American Challenge is held on the last day of finals week in college. Inevitably the building where the event is held is irreparably trashed.
Dude, are you gonna hold The American Challenge at your house this semester again?

Naw man, I'm still scraping beer plastered puzzle pieces off the floor from last semester.
TheCaterpillar가 작성 2007년 12월 13일 (목)
A team a five must drink a 30-rack, a handle of vodka, smoke 5 grams of marijuana, eat 2 large pizzas, and then complete a 100 piece puzzle (in that order). The alcohol must be completed before continuing on to the weed, which must be completed before continuing on to the pizza, which must be completed before continuing on to the puzzle. If a team member spills or throws up, then one member of that team must either drink 1 additional beer, or 2 additional shots. The first team to finish wins eternal glory.
Bro #1: Hey man, are you down to try the American Challenge with Blazer, Lazer, Tazer, and I tonight?

Bro #2: Hell no man, last time I tried the American Challenge I woke up naked in the cafeteria with puzzle pieces stuck to my face.
Bro #2가 작성 2012년 02월 13일 (월)
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