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strange-food is the equivalent to an R-rating for food. It is uncertain what is inside but anything is possible. Strange-food is any food item that 1 discovers in which they had no part in the acquiring or preparing of the food. When 1 does not know the story behind how said food arrived at its current location, it is labeled as strange-food. the label, strange-food, warns all parties involved that this food is a wild card, there are unaccounted variables....and that this food is being commandeered and taken to a safe place for consumption.

the moment someone finishes their food, they usually offer the leftovers to whoever is near. in the event that nobody takes it but the owner is finished with it, it becomes Strange-Food.

take this knowledge, taste it well.
man, i had some strange-pizza last night. i saw the papa john's box and was like "no way" so i opened it up to find 4 slices left, and it was still kinda warm! the bread sticks weren't even touched! i love strange-food. oh what's that??you're afraid someone poisoned the food before they left it, you have fear of this food..ok...why don't you go pray to Tinkerbell for protection while i smash this perfectly good apple. all i see is 2 hungry people, 1 is afraid and hungry, the other is happy and full. do the math.
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arbiter of grammar division가 작성 2011년 03월 25일 (금)
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