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A british band formed in 2003. The band came together when Glen started singing on the bench outside his house on sunday morning, gaining money from the church goers. After a while, he'd earnt enough money to buy another band member, Adam. Adam thankfully knew how to play the guitar and the band was formed. Steel Groh have written many chart topping hits such as "Refugee," "Jamacia," Tubustant" and "Mina I Love You."
Their first gig was at Kidderminster Harriers football club where they managed to start a fight after the song "Jamacia" offended a drunk Jamacian. This drunkard was so enraged that he threw a half eaten ice bun onto the stage. Glen picked up the bun and started eating it - much to the audience's horror and dismay. The band left the stage a few minutes later after Adam had a phone call from his parents announcing that his tabby cat, Mr. Whiskers, had given birth.
The band now lives in a flat in a cold place, just west of that place you used to know. They manage to get from one day to another by eating the wrong foods and tuna cans.
Steel Groh's second album, "Something Quick and Witty" is now out.
I went to see Steel Groh last night in Birmingham! They were swell! My eyes started leaking like hell when they played Refugee...
Gleneth C가 작성 2007년 10월 17일 (수)
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