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To destroy a cars handling abilities by having it lowered an excessive amount. Typically, the tires are tucked way inside the vehicles fenders. But in order to have a hellaflush stance and run the required excessively wide wheels with tires that are stretched just to fit onto the wheels, the car has to have an excessive amount of negative camber. If you stand behind one of these cars don't be surprised to see the rear tires looking like "/ \". The rear tires are probably bald on the inside and the outside still looks brand new, and there's probably only an inch of contact patch with the ground. A hellaflush stance car can't even pull into a driveway without bottoming out and ripping the bumper off or cracking the vehicles oil pan. Some stanced cars are so extreme that you can't even turn the vehicles steering wheel fully in either direction without the tires rubbing.
"Eric, look at that stanced car, it looks so damn retarded. I don't understand why these kids do it, they are killing the performance and asking to get pulled over. Shit, if they get pulled over, they are gonna get deported!"

"With all that money he spent stancing his car, he could have actually made it handle well and be pretty damn quick. Instead he can't even go over a speedbump without using 2x4s."
smokinAMD가 작성 2011년 06월 06일 (월)
(verb) - to adjust a car's camber, ride height, and spacing, so that the sidewall of the tire sits as flush as possible with the fender/quarter panel. A common trend and style impersonated on drift and show cars alike, originating from the older Japanese domestic market.
This new car I got it higher than a 4x4! It needs to be stanced.
xTheJakeRx가 작성 2009년 12월 27일 (일)
1. The art of turning a high performance japanese car into a 'lowrider'.

2. The position or bearing of the body while standing.
If you're all show and no go, you should get your car stanced.

This sword requires a specific stance.
ppx가 작성 2014년 01월 29일 (수)
Snowboard-related word describing the distance between your bindings
Some guy: Dude, you got the widest stance I've ever seen...
Me: Yea, I get more balance on rails and it helps for spinning
powdahh가 작성 2006년 12월 04일 (월)
Refers the quality and/or location of a female breast augmentation. The higher on the chest & larger volume, the better the stance of her breasts. Those who do not prefer augmented breast must avoid using the the word when describing natural breasts.
Eric: have you seen the stance on Jenny's new tits?
Adam: no, I haven't. How are they?
Eric: her doc stretch & poked them perfectly.
Adam: I just saw her, she is stanced!
Camberadam가 작성 2012년 07월 30일 (월)
Stance is a situation that occurs when a person finds themself in an unusual or physically awkward standing position. Stance generally involves placement and/or movement of the legs and feet, although rare sightings have been known to also include hips, arms and even the head. An excellent example of Stance is Straight Leg. To note that someone has Stance, one should approach said Stancer and say "STANCE!" at them. You may also highlight the person's positioning by making vague waving motions with your hands, as if to paint an imaginary picture of their contorted body. This can help to visually define the various areas of Stance, or "break down", in a sense, the individual elements of a Stance.
"Damn girl, why are you stancing me so hard, there's nothing I can do about the neighbor's party. I've already called over there and asked them to quiet the hell down."

"Jeez will you look at the stance on Uncle Bill there, he's been holding that thing for like five minutes!"

"Man it was so funny, I called him out about his so-called girlfriend, and fully expected him to hit me in the face, but he just stanced at me hard for like twenty seconds and walked away."

Larry The Bus Driver가 작성 2006년 12월 24일 (일)
Standing at a dance; see, junior high dances where one intends not to dance, but stand around talking to friends over obnoxious music.
Lindsey: Shelby, are you going to the 9th grade dance tonight?
Shelby: No, I don't feel like moving. My friends and I are going to the 9th grade stance tonight.
bob beeflips가 작성 2009년 06월 17일 (수)
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