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1) In the book Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini, a "squip" is a tiny microcomputer that is ingested in pill form and travels to your brain, where it gives you instructions on how to be cool and/or popular. No such techonology yet exists (stuff somewhat similar in concept to this is being developed, though).
The squip is deactivated/destroyed by drinking Mountain Dew Code Red, the short-lived, highly caffenated Mountain Dew spinoff.

2)Originally, this idea was part of Ned Vizzini's largely sucessful (in some places, anyway), campaign to draw attention to his book, Be More Chill.
The campaign was based around the use of stickers that said "SQUIP? Google it.", which fans were encouraged to get for free off of his website and stick wherever they could.
As a result, many people did Google squip, and in the process stumble upon the book.
1) Some people really do wish they could have a squip.
2) "SQUIP? Google it."
#ned vizzini #microcomputers #fake techonology #sci-fi #teen literature #teen books #teen novels #be more chill #teen angst? naah
killerfiller가 작성 2006년 02월 23일 (목)
a minicomputer in a pill form, that, when digested, talks to you and instructs you on how to be cool
a)the first thing my squip did was get me a girl
b) the squip turns you into a dick, or so "To Be More Chill" claims
jeremy heere가 작성 2004년 04월 15일 (목)
The art of having no discernible courage.
Pete was such a God damn squip on that slalom today
#pussy #nippa #cat #cowardly lion - wizard of oz #pete
jenno가 작성 2012년 07월 22일 (일)
A micro-computer you swallow and it makes you cool.
Buy your squip and be cool.
John V.가 작성 2004년 05월 29일 (토)
A consideration to either skip or quit something, normally only an aforethought to an action not followed through.
I almost squipped Con Law today.

I want to squip law school so badly.
#squid #quit #skip #squipped #squipping
LawGirlU2013가 작성 2011년 01월 24일 (월)
A young boy, aged about 8-14. A derogatory term for a young boy whose demeanor tends towards those who are pushed around.
STFU, Squip. You suck at this game!
#boy #squip #baldur's gate #child #4chan
x_401_err0r_x가 작성 2013년 06월 08일 (토)
A fart which comes from a penis
Did you hear that SQUIP!
#squip #sqwip #dick fart #s-quip #penis-quip
Leckturn가 작성 2006년 06월 08일 (목)
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