something that cheerleaders have WAY to much of and the thing all the jocks at school pretend they have.. the whole purpose of things like "school spirit day" a waste of time
fuck the game i have no school sprit
strawberry가 작성 2004년 01월 29일 (목)
Top Definition
(1) An alcoholic beverage, especially distilled liquor.

(2) An alcohol solution of an essential or volatile substance. Often used in the plural with a singular verb.
So I called up the Captain,
"Please bring me my wine"
He said, "We haven't had that spirit here since nineteen sixty nine"
Midnight가 작성 2004년 07월 18일 (일)
Intoxicating beverages,
As in: ardent spirits--strong alcoholic liquors, such as whiskey or gin; neutral spirits--Ethyl alcohol distilled at at least 190 proof; wood spirits-- methanol.
Lady Sovereign, in "Public Warning,"
-"It ain't about the tea and biscuits, I'm one of those English misfits,
I don't drink tea I drink spirits, and I talk a lot of slang in my lyrics,"
Dumilde Rangel가 작성 2008년 01월 02일 (수)
Some thing of superstitions that is the essence of a dead person, in general a ghostlike thing that likes to screw u over if you do something wrong.
Spirits hate me... and i can't report em to the police.
LordNword가 작성 2003년 08월 27일 (수)
a ghost which has drunk too much vodka
random guy: can you see that ghost puking?
random guy 2: yeah, he's had too much spirit
littleghostieshauntingyouHAHA!가 작성 2009년 07월 08일 (수)
A Spirit ; One connected God, to higher levels and realms, things not of this world or man!.. some onewho feels and can foretell things before they happen.

One Important thing Is A spirit really doesn't like to
be fucked with!!.. But a Spirit Can be very loyal,trust worthy, loving and kind.

Yes, a spirit can be very helpful and blessing to the end if you prove worthy! But although a spirit can also be visa versa as well!.. Being Mean, cold hearted and brutal!...

And the worst part is YOU WONT EVEN SEE IT COMING! Yes, a spirit will do anything for the one's who treats it

with love, righteousness truth & Respect!

But If you anger or Hurt a will be the worst

thing you ever did!..Even if it's not intentional..

Yes a Spirit has a strong trust and Love .. But if it's ever broken, hurt or feel as if it's kindness has been taken for weakness... you will reep what you sow surely!!! But It may be certaincircumstances.. although will never forget all the wrongs you done. It will take a long time 4 it to ever trust and love again!.. because it's passion is LOVE & TRUST and all it really wants to
know..and the only option it does know!..
richard travedent가 작성 2010년 02월 03일 (수)
A spirit is a ghost you can see and sense. You can sense these if you have somewhat of a sixth sense (psychic), but really it depends on how much you can feel and how much the spirit projects. Comes in ball, shadow or full detail form.
Spirits can be seen and sensed.
Parapsychologist가 작성 2015년 02월 14일 (토)
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