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To pay by credit card, often for a larger than expected bill
After your date orders the filet AND the lobster tail, you will have to slap your plastics on the bill.
#charge #pay #pick up the tab #lose at credit card roulette #get the bill
scottybeck가 작성 2007년 02월 02일 (금)
To use a credit card impulsively for a purchase. If you have no credit card, then a debit card will do as well. If you are not broke.


Bud: Dude, harsh, this is total grindage, I got no shrapnel to pay for this chili dog and slurpee man!

Doyle: Woah bro, no worries!! Chill about the chili! Just slap your plastic!!


(Grindage is used in this context as meaning shitty, rotten, lame, bunk, etc.)
#credit #card #plastic #slap #grindage #chili #slurpee #purchase #debit #buy #munchies #food
BioMenace가 작성 2007년 01월 14일 (일)
Putting a condom on before you bang a chick
Before banging a chick you better slap your plastics on or you're gonna be a daddy
#condom #bang #plastics #chick #daddy
TehMilkMan가 작성 2007년 02월 12일 (월)
A phrase that is said to whomever is dating an annoying super model to shut her fake-ass up.
Bitch, slap your plastics.
#phrase #annoying #model #super model #fake #ass #bitch #plastics #slap your plastics
Ct Tambo가 작성 2007년 01월 18일 (목)
This is a term referring to one thumbing through all the cards in his wallet to decide beffore hand which ones are good for use with an available debit, credit or ATM withdrawel balance. This is proper in considering saving ones own face by avoiding the posibility of being turned away for a declined account. One should keep the good cards with him in his card organizer and slap the maxed ones down on the countertop, in the rubberbanded collection of stollen cards or, hell, just discard the bitches. Further more just pay the premiums and don't offer me drinks out until you get your *#@$ together!
Please slap your plastics before we get to the check-out counter to avoid last weeks embaressing scene and a sore back from bending over to pick up our faces at the head of this long line.
#verify funds #check account ballance #separate budget #manage funds #cash in card #chargeable account check
Demicci D. Dior-Britt가 작성 2007년 01월 14일 (일)
To insert contacts in your eyes.
John said, "Slap your plastics and let's go to the bar."
#contacts #eyes #glasses #plastic #put
JaaWeave가 작성 2006년 12월 18일 (월)
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