Also called TOFIs (thin outside, fat inside).

People who doesn't look fat or overweight from the outside (no 'fat folds') and still are considered 'fat' when they are submitted to hi-tech body-scanning techniques (like MRIs), to discover that they are what doctors call 'centrally-obese': having large fat-cells in their vital organs and subcutaneous skin deposits which is high risk for heart disease and can double risk of CDV (cardiovascular disease) in men.
A new relative method to body mass index (BMI) is the Body Volume Index (BVI), which is a faster computer-based digital scan that calculates body-volumes/body fat percentages. Similar techniques to BVI should be made to tell you if you are one of the latest 'fat' category: the 'skinny-fats!

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hammer---;, hytham가 작성 2007년 05월 03일 (목)
Someone who can eat a crap load of junk food and still look like a beanpole. Since they have a high metabolism, they can't seem to gain weight no matter how much they eat.
Lucas is so friggin skinny-fat. He eats ten ice cream bars, two bags of fritoes and five cans of mountain dew each day and somehow he still looks like a walking rib cage.
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Jerry Sid가 작성 2014년 07월 30일 (수)
It is someone that always looks dead skinny yet seems to eat what they want and do very little exercise. It is presumably genetic.. their body is small in mass but they have a high fat, low muscle ratio.
Callum Best is skinnyfat. Reportedly, although quite skinny, he has 22% body fat.
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Ollie123121가 작성 2008년 08월 11일 (월)
Thin, but with high body fat. Like a runner, or a sedentary person who doesn't eat much.
People who don't lift get skinny-fat. They're thin but as weak as kittens.
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anon17가 작성 2010년 01월 26일 (화)
an over-indulgence of any type of fast food in one sitting (or under 30 minutes).
After a long workout at the gym, John caught a case of skinnyfat and proceeded to eat a large meatlovers pizza from Pizza Hut by himself.

"She ate a double-quarter pounder meal from McDonalds, 3 pieces of chicken from KFC, and some yogurt from TCBY....all in one sitting"
"Damn she THICKE, SKINNYFAT!!!!"
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Brown Eye Slugger가 작성 2010년 05월 05일 (수)
This term is used when a person is thin, yet does not eat healthy or take care of themselves. They think they don't need to watch the junk they eat because they are thin. They can be more unhealthy then an overweight person.

Also known as, Skinny on the outside, fat and unhealthy on the inside.

If a person can eat pizza, burgers, candy all day long and not gain weight, they would be considered skinny fat. They can still die from the same weight related diseases. That is Skinny-Fat
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Brianmi가 작성 2007년 12월 15일 (토)
A dude who has a gut and little girl arms. It is an implied insult that he does not benefit from fat guy arms, by which fat guys at least get to be tough looking.
Fuckin' dude is pure skinny-fat... he's shaped like a snow man.
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Parkson Wrecks가 작성 2006년 03월 25일 (토)
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