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A website populated by portly mid life crisis sufferers with delusions of gradeur, who think that riding around on an expensive push bike somehow makes up for their dull job in engineering or IT.

Various cliques can be found on this website. The most amusing being the ones who pretend to like something purely so they can be on first name terms with a washed up ex bike journalist come budget bike company owner or some muppet who draws pictures of sheep and waffles on in a pretentious manner. The actual condiment is more entertaining.
"I'm an overwieght, stuffy, pompous engineer with a lack of personality is there anywhere I can go to have petty arguements with people just like me?"
"Of course there is, try singletrackworld"
chipps가 작성 2007년 10월 31일 (수)
An online home for middle aged, middle/upper class, predominantly English xc jey boy mincers whose idea of mountain biking consists of grinding around the country side in brightly coloured lycra on titanium singlespeed rigid ego chariots.

The typical singtrackworld member can usually be spotted in trail centre carparks standing beside their Audi, loudly boasting about the three foot drop they "nailed" with ease thanks to their new £5000 6inch all mountain bike, or how they "smoked some downhillers" whilst riding their rigid on-one wearing a blindfold on the black route.

Inwardly the average singletrackmember would love to posses more skills than the ability to negotiate a technical climb, in reality this means acquiring actual bike handling skills. To cover up their utter lack of ability on a bike they pour scorn on any style riding which isnt utterly boring.
"Hey john, where did you get that fancy new bike?" "Its actually not new at all, I bought it off some twat with more money than sense on singletrackworld. He clearly couldnt ride for toffee, just like the rest of those asshats"
spookyjim가 작성 2009년 02월 06일 (금)
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