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To be good, in a state of being good, to be having a good time.
(See Firefly)
How are you today?
William Mith가 작성 2005년 04월 01일 (금)
Something that is great, neat, very cool, peachy keen. From the short lived Joss Whedon television series "Firefly."
"Have a shiny day."
Lynanne가 작성 2006년 01월 01일 (일)
(interjection) cool, nifty, awesome, pretty, amazing, wonderful, great, remarkable... etc.
"Hey, what do you think of my new car?"
PkledGrape가 작성 2003년 03월 30일 (일)
Anything good.
"What is that book like?"
"How about lunch?"
Two Morons in Oriliia가 작성 2003년 06월 18일 (수)
This is used to describe something that's very cool
(After seeing Spiderman 2) "That movie was shiny!"
Half-mad Bastard가 작성 2004년 08월 07일 (토)
Something or someone that is good, awesome, wonderful, amazing. (See all other positive synonyms.)
"David Bowie is shiny."
the faeries가 작성 2006년 09월 11일 (월)
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