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...self explanatory.

but, for those uneducated non-musicians... it's a word that simply defines the instrument in such a more apt way. simply because it is what makes jazz so flippin' hot! the name that should replace the term to describe the common jazz saxophone.

if you have never heard the captivating sounds of a sexyphone solo - do yourself a favour
(whilst sitting at a dingy jazz club late in the evening, with nothing to do but appreciate the smooth sounds of the tingling keys, bit o bass, and some brush that flow into your ears and forces you to tap your foot whether you want to or not, eyes almost shut... and you think that things couldn't get better... you are sweetly stirred from your musical slumber by finding yourself now tapping all three of your other limbs and even your head to acknowledge the most beautiful saxophone solo that has ever graced your ears.

you're friend next to you exclaims: 'AAAAAAaaaaaaaah! did you here that!!!' - 'yah dude! so sexy man, so sexy!'.

'hey! it should be called the 'sexyphone' from now on'


later in the evening - oh my word how sick was that saxophone man! 'yah bro, sexyphone'
!Xekim.가 작성 2010년 07월 24일 (토)
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