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Some crazy ass long word damn it. It's meaning unknown to 99,999% of the world (feel lucky if you know its meaning!),hell, even godly Google it self doesn't know what-the-f*ck is that( at least it didn't b4 I wrote this). However! If you look closely, you may notice that as the word indicates - semi- auto ultra redeseparurator 2000 deluxe - is a device that re-de-separates, in other words, if you had a thing that was once together and then separated (i.e. with a separurator), then/or joined together with something (i.e. remains of your grand grand grandmother mixed with house dust - to get that effect you may as well use a deseparurator) and then somehow separated (you guessed it. i.e. with a reseparurator) then to get best results you must use the semi- auto ultra redeseparurator 2000 deluxe. Now once you understand that, you may ask "why not use the deseparurator again?" well, thats a tricky question. You see, things separated that separurator cannot be connected by any normal means again, because the object gets a anti-static polarization on a particle level that repel and there fore refuse to be connected again. That is why we use the deseparurator which diffuses the negative charge on the chosen matter.
It's second and perhaps most important use is to pour water to little plastic/styrofoam cups.
Discovered by WTC scientists in ancient Tibet - 2000y b.c.
Dude, put my semi-auto ultra redeseparurator 2000 deluxe down if you don't want to be redusted.
WormFrizzer가 작성 2007년 11월 14일 (수)
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