a fucking place where you get handed homework crap, earn friends (after a few years they'll become your nemesis) and respect (if you r the most popular kid and u mess up on something, you're screwed), learn useless shit, and get a dick-sucking girlfriend
Boy: Hey, wanna skip school tomorrow?
Girl: fuck me, bitch
IMAGINATION가 작성 2015년 02월 27일 (금)
Six Crule Hours Of Our Lives
I hate that we have to go to school
Ultimate_derppyyyyyyyyyy가 작성 2015년 02월 16일 (월)
School is another word for prison
Person 1: I went to prison when I was 6 and stayed for 12 years!
Person 2: What prison?
Person 1: It was called school!
ratchetgirl6969가 작성 2015년 02월 09일 (월)
(Basically, torture for kids)
(well.. you know, unless you're one of THOSE kids...)
Person 1: ugh I hate school
Person 2: I know right
Nerd 1: *shun... shun everyone...*
unknown creature가 작성 2015년 02월 09일 (월)
I hate school.
Men's가 작성 2015년 01월 30일 (금)
welcome to school/hell! we make sure we use 6 hours of your day to torture you and then give you another 5+ hours of work to do at home (that will never apply to any situation in your life!) ;-D
olk123가 작성 2015년 01월 25일 (일)
Another word for hell
"hey how was hell? Sorry autocorrect, school? Same thing..."
ilovedory 가 작성 2015년 01월 24일 (토)

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