Scene hair is user defined. There is no set way to look or dye your hair. there are but only guidelines. One of the key guidelines is that you don't have to match. you can wear a purple shirt with pink pants and neon yellow sweater under the shirt. The more contrasting the better in some cases.

Some of these guidelines entail that you grow out the front of your hair so your bangs cover your eye(s). You also dye your hair and put bright colors, solid or partial, in the bangs, the fringe, or in the underside of your hair.

some of the guidelines that are specific to girls are: You wear bows and hair clips mostly for the look rather than to hold your hair up and back. you wear anything that makes you stick out such as a Tu-Tu. Wear big retro glasses if you want to.

Someguidelines that are more slanted towards guys are as follows. you can do anything with your hair but it is usually going to be kept shorter than a girls scene hair style.

To conclude, all you have to do in essence is be yourself and have fun with it.
Some examples of Scene Hair styles can be seen in bands such as:

Metro Station, The Medic Droid, and the Maine.

Other than that browse through,, google images, and other scene/emo hairstyle blogs and/or sites.,

Scene Hair,
Scene sensability가 작성 2008년 10월 03일 (금)
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at the moment its;
girls - a straight fringe just above the eyes and really long hair extentions, dyed either black or white blonde.
guys - straight fringe either just above the eyes or covering them, and cut straight with layers just below the jaw line.
just go and have a look at the scene hair on myspace.
chl0e가 작성 2006년 06월 10일 (토)
For girls, scene hair is very, very choppy, usually dyed black with one or two thick random blonde chunks. It's perfectly straight all the time, with bangs that cover one or both eyes. VERY, VERY volumous, with a lot of product used, such as certain shampoos, hair wax, mousses, and sprays. Cute little plastic hairclips, bows, or headbands with polkadots are worn in the hair(and usually don't serve any purpose besides being cute.)

For boys, scene hair is about 2.5 to 3 inches long in the back, and about chin-length in the front. It is usually dyed black with a chunk of blonde or kool-aid red, with the bangs hanging in front of the eyes. The back is spiked up, while the bangs are perfectly straight. Fauxhawks are also considered scene for both boys and girls alike. bandannas can be worn around the head as well, not serving any purpose besides the certain "look" it creates.

scene boys are so hott. yummmy.
Well, for girls, I guess my hair could be an example of scene hair. It's dyed blue-black, extremely volumous, perfectly straight, with very, very choppy layers. My bangs hang in front of my left eye, and i'm currently (^_^) wearing a bright yellow plastic bow on the right side.

Fcuk all you haters. (>_<)
_that_scenexcore_slut_가 작성 2006년 07월 18일 (화)
Has got to be dyed black, long side fringe (bangs) covering one eye. short and spikey at the back for a guy or girl. Or shoulder length for girls is goog too. Now it's all about wearing a bow in your hair or a cute kiddies hair band.
"My new scene hair is great, i can only see through one eye and i bought this cute bow hair band from Claire's accesories"
xcherryXcorex가 작성 2005년 01월 03일 (월)
- block fringe covering the eyes/just above the eyes OR can be tied to the side
- if tied to the side, it has to be tied using cute clips and hair grips.
- added volume & spiked/lifted up in the back using lots of hairspray.
- leopard/camo/polka dot headband worn mostly when the fringe is down.
- bows&ribbons worn in hair.
- usually jet black/white blonde, sometimes with one bright colour streak.
- (black/blonde/colour) extensions are NEEDED.!

- block fringe / long or short side fringe, sometimes covering the eyes (the same as girls').
- hairspray is used to give volume to the hair/spike it up at the back.
- ALWAYS layered at the sides of the face and at the back, sometimes on the fringe (unless it's a proper block fringe).
- usually jet black / white blonde, with streak(s) of the opposite colour at the side/fringe.
- sometimes a shoulder length tip on the side of the fringe (right by the face) and the rest of the hair cut shorter.
- bows are sometimes worn.
- bandana (red/black/white) is worn as a headband.
black layered hair with one white blonde streak at the side/fringe, excessive hairspray used at the back to spike up.

omfg i've run out of hairspray, i'm not going outsideeee
(not insulting, it's what i say :]!)

voguehorror가 작성 2006년 09월 11일 (월)
-can be long or short
-bleach blonde with black
-black with blonde
-natural with highlights
-is layered ALOT
-has HUGE side finge
-bow hair clips in *girls*
-extensions *used on occasions*
-backcombed *girls*
-waxed/gelled *guys*
sonny moore's old hair is scene hair
ian watkins hair is scene - although his band isnt
b a r b i e가 작성 2006년 12월 22일 (금)
Qualities of scene hair:

1. Thick and voluptuous at the top, becoming gradually thinner as it approaches the bottom. Sometimes called "chunky".

2. Straight.

3. Sometimes slightly messy, but god forbid the wind gets to it.

4. Usually dyed professionally. Sometimes it is dyed by some strange material that the owner of the hair brags about.
Kelly: Hey! Nice scene hair! I like the colors!

Megan: Yeah, I cracked open my printer last night and used the ink to dye the top black. It worked well. Then I used a sharpie for the red streaks. =)
Kyletehzor가 작성 2009년 03월 08일 (일)
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