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Someone who literally likes to ride the sausage of another male.
Oh Yuck, look at that man riding that guys sausage dude.
Lousy가 작성 2003년 08월 29일 (금)
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a man who rides the cock
Matt Dalton is a real sausage jockey!!
john가 작성 2003년 05월 14일 (수)
A gentleman of homosexual persuasion, particularly one who favours the "passive" role during homosexual anal intercourse.
Terry: Did you hear about that hairdresser guy Greg having a threesome with the Hilton sisters?

Barry: No way! I always thought he was a sausage jockey.
Dr. Sven가 작성 2006년 06월 28일 (수)
A gay man. Taken from the movie "Rock Star."
The lead singer is a closeted sausage jockey.
Sprocket The Dog가 작성 2002년 12월 18일 (수)
a person of either gender who likes a lotta dick.
Minges and all!가 작성 2003년 04월 15일 (화)
gay guy
hahaha that guys a sausage jockey
ReDDo가 작성 2003년 08월 17일 (일)
someon who rides cock
(tim wicks)also see bonesmoker
tim wicks is a sausage jockey
i hate tim가 작성 2003년 05월 19일 (월)

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