someone who gets sexual pleasure by inflicting pain on others
let my cut you, it turns me on
muahahahaha가 작성 2003년 10월 12일 (일)
Top Definition
1. To derive pleasure or enjoyment from another's pain. Whether physical or emotional.

2. Extreme cruelty.
Celisse: Oh, you're right. There are also the times where I humiliated you, crushed you, made you cry, made you want to die... If you consider those to be different than just soundly defeating you, I suppose I stand corrected.

Jolt:'re so cruel to me! Please stop! You're so sadistic!

Celisse: HAHAHA, I know Joltykins. But I'm not stopping anytime soon.

Jolt: *cries*
Anonymous가 작성 2004년 02월 09일 (월)
1)adj. someone who takes pleasure in the pain of others
2) not to be confused with cruel, some one who is cruel is mean for the sake of being mean a sadist (sadistic person) is someone who is mean for the sake of enjoyment
On a bad day (actually almost everyday) joni is a sadistic witch. (and she is damn proud of that fact)


I am a sadist don't tell me about your problems they only make me laugh harder.
Fallenangel2126가 작성 2007년 03월 25일 (일)
A term describing a person with the unusual condition of deriving sexual pleasure from infliction of physical and psychological pain. This kind of arousal feels very different from a romantic one because different parts of the brain cause the arousal -- the parts of the brain that regulate sympathy and predatory desires of domination, control, and the desire to violently exploit perceived weaknesses in a human being.

Sadistic pleasure is very addicting (as most irregular pleasures are). Since the individual will keep using sadistic means of creating sexual satisfaction, he/she can become numb to enjoying normal romantic arousal. This can significantly change their lifestyle, as they might have less motivation to engage in activities that lead to normal sex. In other words, they can become reclusive and weird. The sadistic individual always has to deal with the fact that 99.9% of humans don't like being hurt, and that's a problem. The sadistic individual hears and sees their victims cry in pain. Over time, this feedback has a damaging effect and can lead to depression.

The early conditions of the childhood have a lot to do with becoming a sadistic adult. It's still not yet completely understood how. Somehow, the brain connects sexuality with violence during these early ages.
The sadistic master likes to whip and humiliate his slave. This gives him an erection.
klear가 작성 2012년 12월 26일 (수)
1. The term for defining the sexual pleasure derived from the pain/suffering of others.
2. Getting off to inflicting or viewing pain upon other person
Patrick: "Hey man, that porno is sick, that girl is getting off to her twisting that guys nipples"
Jon: "Nah dude, its sadistic, thats the ideal way to get your nut off!"
SimbaZBT가 작성 2011년 01월 24일 (월)
A sadistic person is one who gets pleasure from the pain and misery of a human being.

It's actually quite strange. Speaking from experience, sadistic pleasure is the most euphoric pleasure you can get sexually. Honestly, there's nothing more satisfying, if you are in the right mood, than seeing the horrendous suffering and humiliation of a victim. It will make you feel like god. Like in control. It will make you taste the victim's blood, and it's sooooo sweet! After being accommodated with sadism, no typical porn can even satisfy you. Regular sex is sometimes just not strong enough. You'll want to tear the pretty girl apart!

WARNING: Sadism is an EXTREMELY dangerous practice to engage. If you don't have enough control over your mind, it can draw you to many horrible things such as crime and homicide. If you ever watch the biography of many serial killers, they all start out with a fetish in what they call "violent pornography." If you don't have enough mental power to keep sadism into perspective, it can pull you into awful illegal commitments, destroy your life, embarrass you, make you feel guilty, and make your mood generally unstable.

Sadistic individuals who can control their will are the most incredibly bright people. These are the very CEO's, the lawyers, the engineers, etc behind the scenes. They can be wonderful people. As long as sadism is well controlled, it can be a pleasurable experience, especially if the victim, the masochist, actually enjoys it.
Sadistic pleasure in context of kink is fun, even for a girl while being hurt. Just don't let it grow to be something illegal or awful.
Aptem가 작성 2010년 05월 10일 (월)
Mentally torturing statistics someone above you asked you to compile.
My boss wanted me to do him a sales sadistics graph.
637man가 작성 2014년 07월 15일 (화)
When you're always sad.
Always gloomy, and down.
I'm sad therefore I'm sad-is-tic , no I'm not a sadist.
Timmy is always sad, therefore he is sad-is-tic.
LeCrav가 작성 2015년 10월 17일 (토)
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