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An American weeaboo who likes to produce videos of herself "singing" and videos of other such things as a fortune telling octopus. She then posts these videos on popular video sharing website YouTube. She herself looks the age of around 13-14, but that is debatable. As she sings in her videos, her forced open eyes begin to struggle to keep open as her voice struggles to reach the pitch of a dying cat. One thing notable however is the fact that she is double jointed, her video displaying such seems to be the only video worthy of paying attention to. She is a typical weeaboo because as she talks in her videos, she gives the impression that the Japanese speak as though they are shouting out to a room of more than sixty nagging wives and husbands. Her body looks so fragile and that it is nothing more than skin and bone, it is only obvious that her parents starve her so that she can achieve the type of body that they could never have. If you do encounter ruaridoll irl, please glue your ears shut and wait for a fresh breeze to blow the ruaridoll away so that you may remain sane.
Person 1: What is that awful noise? It sounds like a dying cat.

Person 2: It must be ruaridoll making another video
XxXxViolencexXxX가 작성 2010년 08월 16일 (월)
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