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rivita is a cracker, it comes in a packet of twenty five deliciously machine baked rivita styled healthy option biscuits.

they have been known to be included in many diets, including ones which release fluid and hard stool from the human bowles, once intake of rivita biscuits has started, being too close to the buttox of those who have scoffed rivita is dangerous, the old style packaging included warnings for Projectile vomiting, and Projectile Faeces.

this is where the term RivitaShita was also derived from (look that up)

rivita has been used by women as tampons when none have been available for years, and also as a sanitary pad by the older ladies, trouble with this option is mistaken identity for food once used in this method.
" hey mum, school was great but im really hungry, do you have any Rivita?"

"my diet isnt working, my bowles are going stale, i need 5 packs of Rivita IMMEDIATELY"

" Dorris, me tampons have ran out hours ago, im desperate, you got any Rivita in the cupboard?"

" Wendy, Ya dirty bitch, you put the used Rivita back in the pack and my nephew ate it last night!!!"

" Dorris my Sanitary pads fell out my bag at mcdonalds, can you please run down the shop and get me some soft option Rivita biscuits"
ryan in london가 작성 2008년 02월 06일 (수)
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