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A variation of the ricer flyby whereby a driver of a vehicle attempts to initiate a race by cutting off the target at a high rate of speed but before the driver of the other vehicle can respond or realizes what just happened while they were minding their own business, the ricer proceeds to turn off onto a side street, parking lot or pull a u-turn.

The technique is usually performed to save face by avoiding embarrassment and keep the ego of the driver and their inadequate machine intact. This serves to boost the self-esteem of the instigator or for the purpose of ultimate internet forum bragging rights.

Historically this maneuver was performed by drivers of anemically underpowered cars but the popularity of ricer turn offs has increased exponentially and can be seen now being performed by vehicles of every make and model including imports, domestics, minivans, pickup trucks, luxury vehicles and mopeds.
*Civic flies by Mustang*

*Civic turns off into side street*

Honda Civic driver: yo man did you see that? i just blew the doors off that Mustang!

Honda Civic passenger: nah brah doesn't count you pulled a ricer turn-off before he even knew what was goin on. We missed the mickey dees parking lot where we were gonna have lunch.

Honda Civic driver: fuck you man i ain't goin back there. i won.

Shelby GT500 driver: can someone tell me what just happened?

Shelby GT500 passenger: *shrugs*
mickymickdondons가 작성 2012년 05월 10일 (목)
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