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Holy month in the Islamic faith. People fast from approximately sunrise to sunset -- this practice creates tolerance and a respect for those who do not have enough to eat.
Ramadan is a very important month in the Islamic faith.

The definition of Ramadan above is exteremely ignorant.
the truth가 작성 2005년 04월 02일 (토)
The ninth month of the Islamic calendar "year". It is a holy month and, during it, Muslims are forbidden from eating, drinking, smoking, and sex during the daytime.
This month can come at any time of the Gregorian calendar year. In Gregorian year 2005, Ramadan begins in early October. In AD 2011, Ramadan will begin about when August begins.
Jamal isn't going to eat lunch with us today because it's Ramadan.
Juuitchan가 작성 2005년 09월 08일 (목)
It freakin IS NOT a holiday. It's a month where Muslims fast from dawn to dusk in order to better understand the plight of those who go without even basic needs like food. It's a period of abstinence - in ALL aspects, which means no foolin around til your fast is over. But when it's time to break the fast, y'all can pig out!
Ramadan is a holy month for the Muslims. It's a month of respect and compassion for those less fortunate.
#ramadan #pig out #abstinence #fasting #compassion
J_faith가 작성 2005년 09월 25일 (일)
also called "Ram Madam" (bang lady) in Dutch, is a holiday for Islamic people to eat and have festivities in plain day light, while acting more 'holy' than usual.
They usually are more edgy during this season too.

Usually favored foods are pork,ribs, red (blood) sausage, and mint tea or coffee.
It's ramadan season today, Islamic people feast with great pork feasts!
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Fukaface!가 작성 2010년 12월 25일 (토)
Ramadan is the holy month for Muslims because it's the month when the Prophet Muhammed first began to receive the Quran from the angel Gabriel. In fact, Ramadan was a holy month of fasting BEFORE Islam, and most Arabs observed it. This is the reason Muhammad was outside the Mecca city walls, staying alone in a cave in the first place.
When Islam began to be established, the Muslims continued to observe Ramadan, in the same way the Christians took over the Roman and Pagan winter festival of 25th December.
The reasons for observing Ramadan before Islam are now lost in time.
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Robert Agasucci가 작성 2007년 08월 03일 (금)
a turkish synth-pop/disco band.
Tonight Ramadan will play on Indigo
#turkish #anatolia #80's #electro #synth-pop
discopolis가 작성 2011년 03월 24일 (목)
The dirtiest, smelliest, (most) tripping cunt you have ever met in your life.
Holy shit, Ramadan was out of his box and was bloody snide on Friday night.

Jesus christ that guy was more rank than Ramadan without a hot meal.

Last time I saw Ramdan he had a P-45 and a big fuckin pile of pleb booster.
#trippin #tripping #trip #healthy trip #boxfresh #ballsed #rubbered #ecto? #guttered #swedgers #get it oot #p45 #bail
Gordon [nae chance] Brown가 작성 2008년 09월 24일 (수)
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