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Poor Boy is someone who is wicked fuckin poor. Mother is usually a drunkin whore and has a douchebag of a boyfriend. He doesnt take shit from anybody and is a complete wise ass. Doesnt associate with idiots and is either loved or hated. Thier is no inbetween there. If u dont like poor boy u are considered a fag in his eyes and the eyes of his comrades.
Poor Boy is God
Deal With it
George Church가 작성 2005년 01월 09일 (일)
A term used to describe the working class male of middle and southern states of the U.S
Willy and the Poor Boys, An album which is based of the fictional band of the same name by Creedence Clearwate Revival the first song is a recording of the band members as the fictional band playing jug band instruments such as gut bass and wash board.
"Drank so much hooch
It made my eyes be gettin' blurry
They say I nailed her to the wall
A stitch in time don't mean a thing
No hangman jury could make me crawl
Cause I'm a poorboy" - Hangman Jury, Areosmith
CCRFAN가 작성 2009년 09월 25일 (금)
A young lad usually ranging from the ages 12-18 whoring himself to young lads of both sexes. This of course making him not such a poor boy due to costs and inflamation in the economy and boy beef. Newspaper boys, usually taking the roll of a poor boy, make time to become boy whores who will soon sell themselves other than papers. Also known as laddy meat a poor boy will become known throughout his hometown and by the legal age of 21 will become a man whore often being ugly perhaps with the face of a bastard cat.
The poor boy blew hard!
Bob Hester가 작성 2004년 02월 13일 (금)
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