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3.The term itself describes faggots who wear the phenomenon known to man, woman and child as 'plimsoles', such a word ridicules the average, normal person. It also refers to people who are in 6th form or university, or those whom are on their way to such heights of faggotry. Although this may not(although it generally is) be the case, plimsolefags also sport a gay haircut and are afraid of the beautiful, gorgeous and good looking creatures known as women. The plimsole industry is also soley responsible for the downfall of the training shoe industry and western civilization as we know it. They have also brought great disgust and shame upon the rest of the training shoe industrys once glorious products such as Reebok Classics, Nike AirMax, Nike Classic, Nike Cortez, Adidas Superstar, Adidas Samba, Adidas LA, Adidas Stan Smith and Lacoste. Plimesoles are also SOLEY responsible for providing terrible selections of training shoes at good sports shops world wide, mostly JD Sports in the UK.

5.The average person should strive to avoid Plimsoles like the plague and be a normal human being.

7.Please, please, the normal human beings of this world all strongly urge you to fight this disgrace of modern civilization by wearing respectable footwear at all times.

9.If you comply you may actually pull a bird by the age of 21.
Nice plimsoles you're wearing there, plimsolefag!
#plimsoles #fag #plimsole #gay #trainers #footwear
BigRon101가 작성 2010년 05월 02일 (일)
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