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Natural attraction or affinity towards someone intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and or sexually despite the gender or orientation of that particular individual or group of individuals.

An alternative to sexual orientation that would have us believe that relationships, business, personal, or intimate could be based on sex and sex alone.

Personal Orientation allows us to remove labels of gay and straight and to look beyond gender into the soul and heart of relationships.
When Michelle was asked about her sexual orientation she simply replied that I am in love with the most beautiful man in the world, David. He makes me laugh, he makes me think, and he is a freak in the sheets. For that reason my Personal Orientation is focused on David and David alone.

When John was asked why he chose to be gay he replied, I didn't choose to be gay I was born this way and more than that my relationships do not revolve solely around sex! How boring would that be? My Personal Orientation happens to be with Men because they they stimulate me in more ways than one.

When Brenda spoke about her lover Chaz she did so with conviction, but it was from a place of orientation and not preference. No one has a sexual preference because to say that implies that we have power and control over that aspect of our lives; and we simply do not.
D'Lanor Lleork가 작성 2010년 03월 27일 (토)
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