Personal Computer. A highly flexible, powerful platform. Worth the price tag because you can do a whole lot more shit on it than you can ever do on a console such as typing up a document, image editing, music and video creation, and creating games. Will always be around when consoles systems rise and fall. The platform used to create all console games. The platform where all console games will eventually be emulated on.
I'll just stick to my trusty old PC for my gaming needs ;^D
AYB가 작성 2003년 02월 24일 (월)
1. Politically Correct

Words anyone can use to not cause controversy in a public address or statement.

2. Personal Computer

A nickname for most computers made by Microsoft.

If anyone tells you anything but these two, they are retarded.

Not P.C.:
"Niggers and beaners are deciding to join our country, and I believe that their good exchange is pretty much retarded and gives off a ghetto feel."

"African Americans and Mexican Americans are receiving citizenship for our country, however the trade and commerce regulated by their people is deteriorating the high society standards we all wish to live in."


"Want to come to my house after school and play some games on my P.C.?"
LWxxDark Wolf가 작성 2009년 04월 22일 (수)
Politically Correct. A left wing plot, encouraged by the soft cock media, to ensure that people are persecuted if one calls a spade a spade. The idea is that no one's feelings are to be hurt and everyone is homogenous. You used to be able to say "Gee, you are a short cunt". Now you say nothing but if you really must say something, you must say "I am very sorry to notice that you are vertically challenged".
I hate being PC. I want to go back to the days when men were men and women were glad !

A fuckwit is a 'fuckwit'. A fuckwit is not an 'otherwise valuable and wonderful person which I have failed to ascertain the reasons for being unable to understand or enjoy the company of'.

Busted Hyman가 작성 2006년 07월 09일 (일)
1: Police Constable. A man or woman in a dark-blue uniform who is no longer allowed to enforce the law, instead spends all his/her time filling in paper-work and going after motorists in order to make the government more money. Also used as foot soldiers by the UK government.

2: Personal Computer. A computer used in the home.

3: Politically Correct. This probably started out as a well-intentioned idea involving not offending people, but now it is used by wily politicians and control freaks as a way of policing what everybody says and thinks. An argument can be lost when one of the Political Correctness dictators calls their opponent a 'racist'. The opponent will then be totally discredited, as being accused of racism in modern Britain is akin to being accused of witchcraft in the middle ages. There is no defence. The word 'racist' has lost its meaning, is now no more than the kind of word used as a childish insult by brain-doning yobs who haven't the first idea what the words they shout and scream actually mean.
Interviewer: Wouldn't it be fair to say, MP, that your record is a complete waste of space and you've broken all the promises you made before you were elected.

MP: (always pc) You're a racist.

Interviewer: Oh, sorry. I stand corrected. You're a lovely man after all.
StormSworder가 작성 2006년 09월 04일 (월)
PROTECTIVE CUSTODY,pc is a term thats commonly used in the canadian carceral system to define inmates that cant survive in general population.
let`s jack dat pc fool!
RICOG$가 작성 2005년 10월 30일 (일)
Standing for Politicaly Correct, as is not pissing off. tofu eating, sandal wearing, granola loving, born in Vermont, love the whales, hybrid driving, hemp upsessed, greenpeacers, by not saying what you think because to them you are wrong.
I believe that a car is only cool if it is classic, leaks, and eats gas, would not be P C.
Honolulu Honey가 작성 2006년 03월 25일 (토)
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