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Pat-Ball or pat ball as it is also known is a game played predominantly by the youth of London. The game is played at school and involves hitting a tennis ball (or ball of similar properties) against the wall via the floor.

At present there is an initiative to create the first World Championships of Pat-Ball at Pat-Ball.COM.
The game is similar to squash except for a few minor details:
1) You use your hand to 'pat' the ball as opposed to a raquet.
2) The ball has to hit the floor before it hits the wall.
3) There are no side walls.
A point is lost by:
1) The ball bouncing on the floor twice on your turn.
2) The ball not hitting the designated part of the wall.
3) The ball hitting the wall without bouncing first.
4) The ball not hitting the wall.
At present there is an initiative to create the first World Championships of Pat-Ball at Pat-Ball.COM.
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Chris Jenkins가 작성 2007년 01월 31일 (수)
A game where you throw a tennis ball so that it bounces and then hits the wall, then the next player has to do the same.
The ball is allowed to bounce once after it hits the wall, failure to hit the ball results in the player who missed it to go out. Boundries exist, height and width.
When the ball hits exactly between the floor and the wall it is called 'Mids' and a rethrow is taken.
When someone gets in the way of you hitting the ball 'Obbs' is called and a rethrow takes place.
The one who serves the ball, is allowed one fault/bad serve.

This game was created in 1999 by KFX of Gunnersbury Catholic School when Gibbon banned hard footballs in the playground and allowed only sponge balls -costing 5 pounds - though worth less than 20p. Patball grew in popularity until it was banned in 2000, though this ban was ignored by the pupils, and even today with the original creators having left the school the sport is still thriving.
The definition of patball is pretty self explanatory.
Though in latter years a bouncy ball instead of a tennis ball was sometimes used.
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xXx.가 작성 2006년 04월 20일 (목)
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