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It is when a person has a crush on somebody they met on the internet. Ideally, it usually is somebody of the opposite sex, unless the crusher is gay, of course.

The typical websites that people form online crushes is facebook, myspace, youtube, metacafe, online video games, forums, chat rooms, blogging websites, sharing websites, and any website with community membership and user names for each user.

It is perfectly normal to form a crush on somebody you have never met in real life. It is unfortunate, if you have never seen a photo or video of the person you have a crush on, but one can always hope for that sensual, affectionate, and ideal mate to be the crush.

When the time comes that you see a picture of the crush and if it is unpromising, displeasing, and it turns off sexual arousal, it is normal to shun the crush, and possibly block them out of your life (or for the website in question, at least).
Joey: I have been chatting with this girl on youtube for the past two months, and we have so much in common; I wish I could meet her.
Rachel: O Joey, you have formed an online crush.
Joey: Really? An online crush, eh?
Rachel: Yea, an online crush.
Joey: That's so cool! I bet she's hot.
(Another month passes by...)
Joey: Hey, my online crush sent me picture of her.
(After a few seconds of looking at it...)
Joey: Ahhhhhh! I am so blocking her on youtube, and shunning her.
Rachel: I can't believe that's the girl you had an online crush on. Ha-ha-ha! She is such a hog.
Joey: Yea, well she sounded cute in her messages.
FriendsFan2008가 작성 2009년 07월 21일 (화)
having a crush on some one you met on the internet. real unfortunate if u dont know how they look like, if they like you back, or if they even exist.
Jeny: omg steve i think i have an online crush on this guy i met online what should i do?

Steve (secretly has a crush on jeny): well ill tell you what IM going to do, first im gonna find him, then im gonna kill him.. MUAHUAHUAHA

Jeny (doesn't like steve much): but what if he doesn't exist?

Steve: um.. what? well i guess theres nothing we can do then

(Jeny's internet crush stalked her myspace profile, found out were steve lived, and killed him)

Jeny: yay my hero! wait.. ur not 18!

(she then grabbed a knife and killed her internet crush)

jeny가 작성 2007년 10월 04일 (목)
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