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Something that's extra extra extra cute and has knowledge of everything. A SUPERGENIUS, basically.
Steph digs Norbie a lot a lot a lot.
AlwinB가 작성 2008년 03월 26일 (수)
sexiest man alive, well hung, has a great body, and unbelievable eyes.
Norbie can seduce you just by showing you one testicle.
Jenny JD가 작성 2010년 02월 02일 (화)
Commonly used as slang for a gay man.
Damn that guy over there is such a norbie.
NORBIE가 작성 2005년 05월 01일 (일)
A street word for pathetic.
That tramp over there is Norbie.
Rachel545456가 작성 2005년 05월 10일 (화)
Slang for anal sex or general gay intercourse
I want Norbie right now
Jim3가 작성 2005년 05월 16일 (월)
The cutest pet duck on the planet. Loves lettuce, blueberries, pasta, and many other human foods. Very friendly and adorable. Even has her own Instagram.
Did you see the video of Norbie that was just posted? It's so cute!
Norbie가 작성 2015년 07월 13일 (월)
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