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the space between a guy's ass and his balls; can be used as an insult
Braden is a nifkin
Erin가 작성 2004년 06월 29일 (화)
The nifty piece of skin that provides a smooth connection between the pooper and the nut sack.
Ian's nifkin was enjoyed by the man that he met on thursday night after a forty of Ole' E.
looooddd가 작성 2003년 03월 11일 (화)
The hallway from the hot dog stand to the men's room
He slipped and chipped his tooth while traversing the nifkin.
Geoffrey Scrotabula가 작성 2003년 01월 15일 (수)
The area between a man's scrotum and anus.
Danny has a hairy nifkin.
Tom Leane가 작성 2002년 05월 24일 (금)
spot between anus and testicles on a man
she licked his nifkin
naughty가 작성 2003년 01월 24일 (금)
the area of a male's body where gas (especially after eating refried beans) gets trapped until one's nutsack is raised.
After years of horrible gas due to stomach issues, Robb's nifkin has certainly paid the price... his nifkin smells like the sewer.
Tommy Jackson가 작성 2007년 09월 20일 (목)
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