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The common language used between two or more 'nerds', 'geeks', 'the overly intelligent' etc. Most easily identified when the group is talking about a subject so vastly complicated, that when another person, who is not familiar with said subject, tries to join in the conversation, is hopelessly, completely and utterly lost in the void of ultimate ignorance. This word can also be used when one 'nerd', 'geek', or 'overly intelligent' individual is speaking out loud and to themsevles, usually without noticing what they are doing.
geek 1: Did you catch episode 356 last night?
g2: Yeah, I did.
g1: What did you think?
g2: Oh, I thought it was good over all but lacked the suspense shown in episode 355. Also, the griggin obviously stole the Jewel of Harld, otherwise how could Mayehj have Freeze Rayed that doulf without obtaining negative force damage?
g1: Hm, you make a good point. But the Freeze Ray has a special ability which allows any vireg to encase a doulf in the Icicle of Death without obataining negative force damage. This ability is able to activate without the Jewel of Harld beacause Mayehj had, in episode 274, been granted the Sceptar of Kawe from the Princess of Weque.
g2: Ah, now I understand.

Now imagin that conversation being carried out with a completely clueless individual sitting between geek 1 and geek 2. Thus, nerdspeak.
Rebekah Niblock가 작성 2005년 12월 26일 (월)
The unique language used by professionals within the IT community. Often this language consists of a cluster of abbreviations and unnecessary overly technical wording.
Office worker 1: IT have reported suspicious activity from a VNC user within the IPEC Server.

Office worker 2: What? Thats just Nerd-Speak man, its just someone downloading porn again.
Spikeyballs가 작성 2007년 05월 11일 (금)
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