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The word "narcicist" refers to someone that loathes him or herself, considering him/herself superior to all including his friends and even his spouse. The word "narcicist" comes from Narcis, a Greek mythological character. Narcis was a vey good looking young man. Many women had fallen in love with him, but he was too proud and vane and he would reject all of them. One of the rejected women was the ninfa Eco. Eco was hurt and locked herself up in her room without food or water. That is how she slowly consumed herself with pain, until she vanished and all that remained was her voice, which repeateded itself against the walls of the room. Thus the word "echo." The goddess Nemesis (the goddess of vengeance) heard Eco's prayers and decided to punish Narcis so he would suffer in the same way as she did. One day Narcis went to drink water from the river. As he stooped down to drink he saw his own face reflected in the water. Nemesis used her powers so that Narcis would fall madly in love with that image. Narcis could not stop looking at himself. He wanted to touch his image and hug it, but he couldn't because it would disappear in the water. He also could not see it since the waves of the river would not let him. He could not go away since the image would disappear. That is how he stayed trying to admire himself until he died of starvation.
A narcicist could be an unloving spouse that does not appreciate family or friends
Peter R. C.가 작성 2007년 11월 29일 (목)
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