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a state of consciousness which is achieved by consuming around half a gram of MDMA. The user of the powerful psychoactive is put into a ‘dream like’ state where they experience and act out strange phenomena. Whilst in this state the user is fully aware of their bizarre and unpredictable thoughts but they cannot control them. It is quite a sight to behold, and if experienced – one that you will not forget.

Common symptoms:
- Slurred speech
- Reduced awareness of proximity (the subject may stand too close to you, and may even shout in your face)
- Conversations that are totally irrelevant to the present situation and environment

- Lack of motor co-ordination
- Subject may appear almost brain damaged (this is not uncommon)
- Subject may act out previous activities of the day (for example thinking they are somewhere else)
- Subject may appear very confused and at times might suffer extreme frustration
Mullied Scenario 1:
Timmy was watching Ferry Corsten deliver a blinding set at global gathering, when his friend came over and asked “what sandwich are you getting matttttttteeee?”, timmy replied with “what the fuck are you on about”, he then realised that his friend had just took things too far

Mullied Scenario 2:
Timmy was watching sasha perform at cream fields when he kept thinking there was a large staircase located behind him. Due to his paranoia he kept relocating to avoid a nasty accident. He then said to himself “this is fucking ridicules! What’s going on?” he then looked at his empty baggi of MDMA and realised he was just too fucked for the current situation.
psilo-phoria가 작성 2010년 01월 16일 (토)
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