An imaginary violent action towards someone used in a threat.
Shut up, or I'll mott your hoople
Alex가 작성 2004년 04월 22일 (목)
any person with a mop on their head, a perm, could be a gay guy, african, indonesian, or really, any ethnicity
look at that mott over harmless, but he could smack u with it
el hunto HEHE가 작성 2009년 03월 26일 (목)
a nice wet juicy pussy
she's got a nice MOTT
spliffler69가 작성 2006년 07월 02일 (일)
another term for an urban ninja
That mott sneaks around and kills people
Willam Jules가 작성 2005년 03월 01일 (화)
A tight fisted individual who spends all his time Banger racing and taking pointless photo's of Chaos ensuing.
It's your round Chris, get your feckin wallet out
Pikey가 작성 2004년 06월 17일 (목)
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