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Methuen is actually a nice place to live and IS NOT LAWRENCE. Hello, thats why they are two different cities ignorant shitheads. There is not reason to have racist slurs, and there are actually very prominent nice houses and neighborhoods. Who knows how it was a decade ago; I sure do not remember. BUT people with REAL careers with good educations live here. Also not to mention anywhere you go there are always little idiot children who think they are cool and smoke/do drugs etc. That does not mean in any way thats all methuen is or any other town or city for that matter. BASICALLY Methuen is a BEAUTIFUL place to live especially certain parts...but hey every city has its bad parts. There are much worse places you could be living, so stop acting like Methuen is a real shithole because it most defintely is not. thanks=)

(I've lived here for 15 years)
Look at this gorgeous house listing in Methuen!
Rangerforever가 작성 2009년 12월 07일 (월)
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A city in massachusetts where everyone fucking smokes, fucks in the cars behind the loop and does fucked up shit mostly the town is full of stoners and a lot of sewer lobsters
Methuen is a city in massachusetts
S-X_MVmuthafucka가 작성 2007년 05월 31일 (목)
Massachusetts' Gaza Strip: poverty-stricken, war-torn, and full of smelly Arabs.

Combined with Lawrence, this place creates a shithole which reeks up the rest of the Merrimack Valley pretty bad. About 90% of the residents are poor and on welfare. Anyone who says "Methuen is better and richer than Lawrence" has obviously never lived in either. The truth is, Methuen is just a run-off of Lawrence where all the White and slightly richer Hispanic people have gone to live because Lawrence is too crowded. Twenty years ago, it was a giant refugee camp for all the Lebs and various Latino groups trying to escape their fucked up countries, and as one would figure they all ended up bringing their host countries' problems with them. It's not unusual to see Leb families trying to cram their 30+ cousins into the projects in the suburban part or a 12-year old kid selling drugs on Broadway. Methuen's main site of commerce, The Loop, has to be the biggest emo hangout spot in the entire country.
Methuen a great place to live if you love drugs, immigrants, and carjackings.
Former Methuen Resident가 작성 2009년 09월 12일 (토)
Is a shithole. It is the home of all the poor white folks in Massachusetts, also known as Massholes. They all suck at reading.
Methuen is a fucking shithole
Methuen is a shithole.
T-Dog Jenkins가 작성 2005년 01월 16일 (일)

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