Well stated above.
A sleazy, cheazy bar or club where the only reason anyone goes there is to pick up. If you're not there for this reason then you'll have a terrible night being unwantingly groped and hit-on. Girl's and guy's grind amongst one another to see who they will fuck in the bathroom or take home.
"'Scruffy Murphys' is a meat market. All foreign backpackers and shit trying to force themselves onto skanky ho's."
Diego가 작성 2003년 08월 21일 (목)
Top Definition
a place where guys go to meet the ladies, and ladies show up to tease the guys. pairing is done solely on the basis of physical attraction. the selection of quality meat in the butcher shop is a similar process.
that study room is a meat market. no one ever goes there to study. fools go there for nothing but the hook up.
lab monitor가 작성 2003년 04월 03일 (목)
noun. a place or situation with the sole (stated or not stated) purpose of facilitating interaction of individuals for sexual/romantic activities.

The term draws parallels between real meat markets, where meat is hung up and displayed in plain view for people to look at, judge the quality of, and make decisions of whether to buy or not, and the atmosphere of many nightclubs/bars that are only seemingly in existance so individuals can display themselves to others for judgement and "aquisition", and likewise, size up and attempt to "aquire" others.

also used as an adjective to describe places possessing this quality.

see also "meat market"
girl1: "what are you up to tonight then? going out?"
girl2: "yeah we're going down to Elements for some drinks. wanna come?"
girl1: "EW, no! that place is such a meatmarket"
Olly J가 작성 2005년 02월 24일 (목)
A place of gathering where males and females engage in openly lewd and lascivious behavior under the influence of alcohol. So called because of the over exposure of female flesh present and the ubiquitous desire by the males to engage in sexual intercourse with them. Meat-markets can be easily discerned by the whorish style of dress present on the females and the abundance of white hats on the males. See The Royal and white hat.
The Rogue Hero turns into a real meat-market on Sat. nights.

Brad needs some more CK One if he's gonna score at the meat-market tonight.
Gabe Fauber가 작성 2006년 01월 05일 (목)
a place where you buy meat
hey i went to the meatmarket the other day, they got fresh veal
Ken Jae가 작성 2005년 03월 12일 (토)
When there are lots of guys in a social setting and if any girl becomes part of this setting they will have lots of "meat" to choose from. also known as a sausage fest
mark: there are 15 guys here and only 1 girl
Paul: i know she is in a meat-market
chanti가 작성 2006년 08월 15일 (화)
refers to the "meat" or should i say Dick or Penis hanging between a mans legs the martket refers to a large group of guy in a area or a place where alot of them are gathered
lets go over on main to watch the guyz go bye "hell yeah its a meat market over there and i could use some sausage

lets go to club dmx Ooh girl its a meat market in here "i know theres some fine ass niggas in there any flavor u like
earl cambel,Jalapeno Popers full of thick white cheese,and oh yeah the other white meat" Girl u so nasty!!! he he he
Maria가 작성 2005년 03월 12일 (토)
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